PS90 Car Diagnostic Series GM V10.90(2019.12.5)

Language version of the vehicle system software is currently released for English、Portuguese、Polski


1. Optimize the vehicle configuration selection before 2008 (optimized from menu display to multi-input box display).
2. Solved the problem of Buick Encore in 2010, automatically recognizing that the engine and gearbox system could not be read.
3. Solved the problem of 2014->Chevrolet->Silverado (3GCUKTEC7EG342662)->Automatic scanning of the front camera module.
4. Solved the problem of 2014->Chevrolet->Silverado (3GCUKTEC7EG342662)->Power Steering Control Module->Version Information->Programming Date Error.
5. Solved the problem of blank phenomenon in 2014->Chevrolet->Silverado (3GCUKTEC7EG342662)->radio->data stream->radio data.
6. Solved the problem that 2014->Chevrolet->Silverado (3GCUKTEC7EG342662)->engine module->fault code three sub-menu reading commands are consistent.
7. Solved the problem of 2014->Chevrolet->Silverado (3GCUKTEC7EG342662)->body control module->data flow->remote function actuator data->password card 1 identifier, showing negative number.8. Solved the problem of Chevrolet Cruze->(1G1PC5SB3F7283164)->Instrument Group->Version information, programming date error.
9. Solved the problem of Chevrolet Cruze->(1G1PC5SB3F7283164)->Power Steering Control Module->Version information, programming date error.
10. Solved the same problem as 2015->Cadillac ATS->(1G6AB1RX1F0114427)->Engine System->Fault Code Three Submenu Reading Commands.
11. Solved the problem of 2014->Chevrolet Silverado->(3GCUKTEC7EG342662)->Telecom Communication Interface Control Module, the priority roaming list function flow.