VIDENT iLink400 Test on Land Rover L319 2006 Reviews from Customer

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VIDENT iLink400 for GM Till 2019 year Chevrolet Cadillac Buick Support ABS/SRS/EPB//DPF Regeneration/Oil Reset Update Online

VIDENT iLink400 for GM Till 2019 year Chevrolet Cadillac Buick Support ABS/SRS/EPB//DPF Regeneration/Oil Reset Update Online

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iLink400 Full System Single Make Scan tool is the most cost-effective professional multi-system scan tool that delivers OE-level diagnosis for all electronic systems of different car brands.It does not only include basic functions such as read/erase codes and live data, but also it's capable of advanced functions such as actuation, adaptation and programming. In addition, it lets you to access the most commonly required service features such as Oil service Light Reset, Throttle Body Alignment, Electronic Parking Brake Service, Battery configuration, Steering Angel Sensor Calibration, CBS correct and much more.

Paid $119 for one VIDENT iLink400 to diagnose Land Rover L319 2006, arrived me 5 days later after paid. It works what I paid, it is a plug and play adapter without installing on one computer, so I am willing to do a quick review and wish more users like it as I do.


VIDENT iLink400 package:

VIDENT iLink400 is well packed without damage, open the box package, there is one small box which contains one small main unit with one 16pin cable, the quality is not too bad, also one USB cable, one user manual and one memory card.

vident ilink400-1 vident ilink400-2


VIDENT iLink400 Installation: No need


VIDENT iLink400 Land Rover software download:

I followed the given instruction and succeed.

Here you can go with:

A: Brief Guide —
1. Install update client. Download the update client from official site or from the CD comes in the product package. And install it.
2. Creat a Vident ID. Create your Vident ID either on the update client iScanzilla or official site.
3. Register the scanner. Register your scan tool with the update client iScanzilla
4. Connect the TF card with computer. Remove the TF card from the tool and connect with a windows computer through the card reader provided.
5. Download software. Log in iScanzilla to download all available software onto the TF card.


VIDENT iLink400 software Language:

It is multi-language available, almost all popular language is available. But only two language as default when receiving the tool, if you want to have the other language, just contact the supplier, my supplier is, so far it's nice.


VIDENT iLink400 diagnosed Land Rover L319 2006:

In details:

Select the car: 2006 Land Rover L319

vident-ilink-land-rover-review-1 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-2 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-3 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-4 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-5 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-6

Land Rover diagnosis using Vident iLink400

vident-ilink-land-rover-review-7 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-8 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-9

Read and clear fault codes

vident-ilink-land-rover-review-10 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-11 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-12 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-12 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-14 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-14 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-16 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-17 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-18

Read live data in numbers and graphs

vident-ilink-land-rover-review-19 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-19 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-21 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-22 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-22 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-24 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-25 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-25 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-25

Vident iLink400 hot functions...just share some images....not tested yet

vident-ilink-land-rover-review-25 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-29 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-30 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-31 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-32 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-33

Vident iLink400 service....also not tested yet

vident-ilink-land-rover-review-33 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-35 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-36 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-37 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-38 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-39 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-40 vident-ilink-land-rover-review-41


Okay, my sharing ends here, hope it helps and recommend it to you.

FYI, all my diag tools are laptop based and it's a bit of a pain dragging the laptop out and waiting for it to boot up just to reset a service light or something, so having a stand alone tool like Vident iLink400for quick & dirty diagnosis & resets would be pretty good.